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Pregnancy Posse FAQs

Maybe you’re excited to join the Pregnancy Posse but just have a question or 2?

I’ve answered some of the most common questions below. If you have a question that isn’t answered below, just reach out 🙂

The Pregnancy Posse is an online membership guiding pregnant women through each week of their pregnancy.

Inside the Posse is a weekly program including workouts and educational content tailored specifically to the exact week of pregnancy you’re in.

There is a fabulous resources library covering all you need to know when it comes to pregnancy, labour and recovery after birth.

My favourite part is the wonderful forum where you can ask all your burning questions and connect with other pregnant Mamas.

It’s like having a women’s health physio hold your hand throughout your entire pregnancy!
The Posse is delivered online. The site is fully responsive so you can access it 24/7 via your computer, tablet or phone.

All you need is an internet connection and you’re ready for pregnancy paradise 🙂
No! I have tried to make the exercises as simple and easy as possible so that there are no barriers to staying strong and healthy during your pregnancy.
The trial will give you access to our Pregnancy Starter Kit, the Pregnancy Kickstart and community forum for 7 days.

The Pregnancy Starter Kit and Pregnancy Kickstart include the foundation courses you will need to build the foundations of a wonderful pregnancy.

You will learn how to contract your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles correctly, safe exercise options, how to modify exercise if you’re in pain, pregnancy nutrition guidelines and so much more!

Once you’ve completed the trial you will then have full access to the entire Posse!
Absolutely not. You can join at any stage in your pregnancy and will always be benefiting from what the Posse has to offer you.

You will have access to all the previous weeks educational pieces regardless of when you join.

You also have a fabulous resources section available to you at any stage throughout your pregnancy.

The exercises are tailored for your specific week of pregnancy, so there will be no need to catch up on any previous weeks workouts.
The Posse has been designed by (me) a women’s health physiotherapist with many years of experience and expertise treating women during pregnancy and after birth.

Unfortunately there are a lot of generic fitness programs out there that are not tailored to pregnant women which could potentially be causing more harm than good.

I have seen far too many clients injure themselves from participating in exercise that was not appropriate for them.

One of the main reasons we’ve created the Posse was to avoid you injuring yourself during pregnancy.

Safe and evidence-based advice is waiting for you inside of the Posse!
It sure is!

It may seem counter-intuitive… but in many cases the correct exercise will actually help relieve pain.

In the Pregnancy Starter Kit, you will learn about aches, pains and injuries during pregnancy and how you can modify the weekly workouts to be more comfortable for you.

I would always recommend consulting with your local women’s health physiotherapist to ensure you are receiving appropriate diagnosis and treatment.
​It’s never too late to start!

Guidelines now suggest that even if you weren’t exercising prior to pregnancy, it is still highly beneficial to start during pregnancy.

All the exercises in the Posse are gentle and appropriate even if you don’t have an exercise background.

It’s never too late to start!
Noooooo! It is 110% not true!

I have heard of far too many women being told this lie!

It is never too late to start strengthening your pelvic floor.

The stronger your pelvic floor is before birth, the better your chances of recovery afterwards. Simple.

If by “glow” you mean a little sweaty and full of amazing knowledge so that your pelvic floor and core stay super strong and you keep extra healthy during pregnancy and improve your chances of recovery after birth…?

Then heck yes you’ll get pregnancy glow!
Of course! It’s super simple and just takes a few clicks.

I want the Posse to be a no brainer so I want to make it zero risk for you to join.

I’ve made it super easy for you to cancel as I am confident you are going to love the Posse and won’t want to leave.

Some membership sites try to trick you into a long term commitment or make it ridiculously hard to cancel. Yuck!

Not here. No hoop jumping (dangerous during pregnancy!) or awkward phone calls required. Just click cancel and you’re done.
Credit card or PayPal payments are available.

Payments can be made in various currencies, so just choose the currency that you prefer.
Each workout is only 10-15 minutes. So you can commit as little as 10-15 minutes a few times a week and still get plenty of benefit.

However, if you want to spend more time in the Posse, there is an abundance of resources, the weekly Q and A and the wonderful community forum full of lovely ladies.
Unfortunately, miscarriage is much more common than most women realise as it is often not talked about openly.

I actually had 2 miscarriages prior to having my beautiful boy Massi. It was a difficult period and I am super grateful that we were able to have Massi.

If something does go wrong during your pregnancy, please just reach out so that I can do what I can from my end to assist (be it cancelling your current membership and crediting towards your next pregnancy if you elect to try again).
Firstly, I hope you send me a photo of you and your gorgeous bubba! I love this stuff!

If you’re on a monthly payment, it will stop after your 40 weeks.

But don’t worry… you will still have access to the Posse for a month or so after you’ve given birth.

And who knows… there might be a post-natal program coming soon 😉
I am currently on maternity leave after giving birth to my gorgeous daughter Pia and focusing the majority of my time on the Pregnancy Posse. So I am not currently working in the clinic.

But this is exactly why I have created the Posse so that you can have full access to me and my brain inside the Posse!

Inside the Posse you can ask me all your burning questions inside the forum, plus we run regular Q&A sessions where I encourage every woman to submit their questions for me to answer!
Absolutely not.

I would always recommend to see your local women’s health physio so that you can be assessed and managed appropriately.

The Posse is a compliment program!

If you’d like more information on services available in Australia you can visit the Continence Foundation of Australia or the Australian Physiotherapy Association.
Whilst it’s never too late in your pregnancy to benefit from the Posse, the sooner you join, the better.

You’ll be supported as you move through each week of your pregnancy. Your knowledge and skills will continue to grow so that you’re feeling ready for an empowered birth and speedy recovery afterwards.

And of course, you can make friends with the lovely ladies inside our community forum.

I want to ensure that the experience inside the Posse is always superb, so we may need to eventually cap the number of ladies inside at certain times.

In other words… don’t wait… you’re not getting any less pregnant and I’d love to meet you!

Join the Pregnancy Posse for the best chance of an active pain-free pregnancy, smoother birth and faster post-natal recovery.