Module 1

Welcome and introduction

Hey !

Welcome to your online active birth class.

Pregnancy can be overwhelming enough without adding the emotional chaos of the current global pandemic.

Birth classes and in-person appointments are being cancelled all over the world.

The fear, uncertainty and worry is palpable.

That’s why I want to share this online active birth class with you, along with some bonus pregnancy goodies.

I hope this content helps you feel calm, empowered and more prepared for pregnancy and birth.

All the modules in this free course are taken from my online pregnancy membership The Pregnancy Posse. You can find out more about The Pregnancy Posse in some of the later modules.

Please know that you’re not alone. So many lovely ladies are pregnant right now. Together… we’ve got this 🙂

So let’s jump (…waddle) in!

Join the Pregnancy Posse for the best chance of an active pain-free pregnancy, smoother birth and faster post-natal recovery.