Module 6

Introducing the Pregnancy Posse

Many women don’t realise just how much doing a few simple things (…and avoiding some others) can help you have a wonderful pregnancy (and then post-natal) journey.

I love working as a women’s health physiotherapist but it upsets me how many women I see in the clinic with problems during pregnancy and after birth that may have easily been avoided with the right advice.

Many women have never heard of a women’s health physiotherapist… or those that have don’t see one during their pregnancy due to the cost or the inconvenience of having to find the time to travel to appointments.

Whilst I believe nothing replaces a face-to-face appointment with a women’s health physiotherapist, I knew there had to be a better way for ALL pregnant women to get access to the best, safe, evidence-based pregnancy advice.

Given the current circumstances with the global pandemic, there has never been a more vital time to have an online pregnancy resource with most hospital birth classes being cancelled and face-to-face appointments not possible.

The Pregnancy Posse is an online health membership designed exclusively for pregnant women to give you the best chance of experiencing a wonderful pregnancy journey.

The Pregnancy Posse has been designed by yours truly, Physio Laura, a specially trained women’s health physiotherapist, with years of experience helping pregnant and post-natal women achieve amazing health outcomes.

With so much harmful advice out there, the Pregnancy Posse is based on the latest evidence-based research so you can stay fit and healthy… but most of all safe and not harm you or your baby.

The Pregnancy Posse is available whenever you need it, 24 hours a day with just click of your mouse or tap on your phone screen.

The Pregnancy Posse is super affordable, with access to all the pregnancy goodness inside of the Posse for a fraction of the cost of one appointment to see me in the clinic.

I want the Posse to be accessible to as many women as possible… especially during these challenging times.

I’m offering multiple different payment plans and a discounted trial in multiple different currencies.

So I am hoping there is an option that best suits your circumstances. If not, please just reach out 🙂

In the next module, I’ll take you on a tour of the Posse so you can see what it is all about!

Join the Pregnancy Posse for the best chance of an active pain-free pregnancy, smoother birth and faster post-natal recovery.